Monday, December 17, 2012

Eating Healthy While Pregnant

Hahahaha, what a joke!

You always hear about these magical skinny women (you know, Victoria Secret Model types) who claim that while pregnant they actually craved carrot sticks and salads. They are also the same ones who say labor was a breeze, I'm sure! Can someone please point me in their direction because I don't think they really exist!

I've pretty much given up on the idea of eating healthy in the first trimester. Hopefully I'm not doing any permanent damage to the little one inside me but at this point I'm just happy that I can eat again. So what did I eat today? For breakfast I had 2 donuts and chocolate milk, for lunch I had an everything bagel with lots of cream cheese, chili cheese fries and a raspberry-banana smoothie, and for dinner I had half of an Asian chicken salad and 2 scoops of ice cream from Baskin Robins! I know, I'm officially eating like a kid who is about to be shipped off to fat camp for the summer.

The problem is that while I'm finally getting my appetite back, a lot of food still just sounds gross/not good to me. Dinner is especially difficult for me because for some reason my stomach feels unsettled in the evening and heavy food just doesn't sit well. So I end up not eating much and then waking up around midnight starving. Oh well, what are you gonna do? I figure if Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson both gave birth to normal healthy babies then I'm pretty much safe, right?


  1. I actually craved salad so much in my 2nd tri that my, well you know, turned green! But I am definitely not a skinny supermodel type lol. Eating is definitely more important then not eating, trust me! I have had severe hyper emesis both my successful pregnancies. Baby gets what it needs from your body. Better for both of you that you just keep things down.

  2. I hear you about nothing sounded good to eat but yet being hungry. I have to force myself to eat anything remotely healthy - all i want is carbs: fries, burgers, tacos, bread, etc. I say we do the best we can and i bet 2nd tri will be better!!