Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Things I'm Thankful For

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I want to talk about all the things I am thankful for. I originally wanted to make this a "non baby" post because I have been doing a lot of baby talk lately and I realize that a lot of my followers are still struggling with getting pregnant and I want to be sensitive to that. However, if I'm being honest there is no way I can not mention the baby. It is the biggest thing to ever happen in my life and there's no way to not talk about that. So with that in mind, I will try to keep baby talk to a minimum, at least for today...

Things I Am Thankful For

  • My husband: First and foremost I am so thankful for Mike. He is quite possibly the best husband in the entire world! He loves me for me. He makes me laugh uncontrollably when I need a pick me up. He takes care of me and pampers me (especially now that I'm tired all the time). I could go on and on but I'll settle for saying that I made the best decision of my life 2 years ago when I said "I do".
  • My family: No matter how many friends you may have, at the end of the day your family are the only people who will stick by you even through your worst. I am so thankful to have a great family that I know I can go to with any of my problems.
  • My friends: I have amazing friends that I can be ridiculously lame with and they don't judge me. 
  • Health: I am thankful that all of my friends and family are healthy, for the most part. There have been ups and downs in the past year and several health scares but we are all still alive and doing well.
  • Baby M: Finally, I am more than thankful for our little baby appleseed (that's how big he/she is this week). Mike and I went through so much to get pregnant with this little baby that I will continue to be thankful for him/her every day for the rest of my life!


  1. What a nice post! And don't worry about the baby posts, even though I'm going through IVF right now, you give me hope. You struggled too and have every single right to be excited and want to celebrate being pregnant! I know I'll be the same way, but I appreciate you being sensitive to those who are still struggling, but really, it's your blog and you're pregnant so yay!

  2. I agree with everything Lisa Oz said!! You, and all ladies who have success through IVF, give me hope!