Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I'm A Ball Of Nerves!

Well folks, tomorrow is beta day! I am so nervous, I swear I'm not going to get a wink of sleep tonight!!

So here is the rundown for what is going to happen tomorrow:

Mike and I have to be at our clinic at 7:30am for the blood work. I picked the earliest appointment so that I could hopefully get my results as soon as possible! I am going to POAS prior to leaving and I know I am going to feel sick to my stomach while waiting for the results but ultimately I need to have some sort of feeling for what to expect with my beta. After the blood work we will go to our favorite pancake house for breakfast and then I think we are going to come home and relax (if that's even possible) until we get the news. Of course it will be an easier wait if the morning pee stick is positive... So tomorrow night we will either be out for dinner celebrating or taking it easy at home recovering.

We've also decided not to tell our families about the beta being tomorrow. Just like last time, I want to have time to absorb everything if it is the worst case scenario. And if it is good news, I want time to tell everyone in a fun way.

I will definitely be letting you all know what the results are either way.

In non infertility news, I did my civic duty today and voted. As MTV would say, I rocked the vote! Does anyone else remember the Rock The Vote campaign that they used to do? I'm not sure what made me think of that... Anyways, I'm going to spend tonight watching the voting results, trying to not think about tomorrow.

Wish me all the luck you have please!


  1. Good luck.
    Fingers crossed for you!!!!

    I voted today too.
    ...I totally remember "Rock the Vote."
    Are we old?

  2. Good luck tomorrow! Mild cramping is a good sign. For me, it's always been a good indicater of pregnancy. Hoping you get good news!!!

  3. POAS already!!! Just kidding...but seriously. I have my fingers crossed for you. Can't wait for your post tomorrow!

  4. GL today!! I'll be thinking of you and hope you get some amazing news!!

  5. GOOD LUCK!!! i'll be thinking of you tomorrow for a big BFP! that's a good idea to POAS ahead of time.