Saturday, November 10, 2012

Check Out My Belly!

Oh man, I can't believe how tired I was last night! As I guessed I think I only ended up reading for a few minutes before I fell asleep...At 9:30pm!! And I didn't wake up until 10:00am; that's 12.5 hours of sleep! I guess I'm in for a different life style now that I'm pregnant.

I will officially be starting my weekly baby bump pictures next week (when I will be 5 weeks pregnant - OHHHH EMM GEEEEE!!) but I thought I'd share with you a quick pic of me and my 4 week bump as it is today. And yes, I realize that it's insane to even be showing at this point. It's all the Progesterone and Estrogen shots I'm taking from the FET (which I'm going to have to continue taking until I'm 10 weeks pregnant). In the infertility world its known as the IVF bloat. Never the less, it's proof to me that there's a little poppyseed in there and I just love rubbing my belly!!

Me and my 4 week belly/bloat!!

Now when I say I will be starting my official bump posts next week I mean I will be starting my chalk board photos. I'm pretty sure most of the world has seen these type of photos on Pinterest:

This is from one of my favorite blogs, Little Baby Garvin.

When I first saw this I knew I wanted to do the same thing when I got pregnant. It's such a cute way to showcase your ever growing belly while also displaying some of the facts of the baby. So Mike and I started our chalk board today. We found an old mirror in his parents garage that looked like it would be the perfect size. We took the wooden backing off and took out the mirror. The original frame was a really old looking wood so I decided to paint it white to spruce it up a bit. Then we primed the wood backing, followed by a layer of chalk board paint (We decided to go with a dark grey but it comes in black as well). I still have to paint another layer (maybe two) of the chalk board paint tomorrow but once it's done we will put the backing back into the frame and voila, our very own personalized chalk board! Here are some photos of everything so far.

 An after shot of the frame. Excuse the mess behind it, it's drying in the garage.

The wood backing with the first layer of chalk board paint.

As for pregnancy symptoms I'm finding that I am getting hungry every couple of hours. I'm also not able to eat a whole lot before feeling full, and when I feel full it's super uncomfortable! Plus, snacking frequently seems to be making me feel better as far as the nausea goes. It also has been keeping me from crashing due to exhaustion. But nothing I do is changing the fact that I am absolutely pooped by the time 9:00pm rolls around. I think I'm going to have to start reading What To Expect more throughout the day because I'm not getting through very much at night before passing out!

Speaking of passing out, good night!


  1. I love the chalkboard idea it's perfect! Glad you got some rest it sounds like you needed it!

  2. When i get pg (dont' you love that optimistic statement?!) i'm going to do the chalkboard thing too b/c i love it so much! have fun with it and yay!