Saturday, November 17, 2012

Spoiled Mama, Spoiled Me!

My sampler kit of The Spoiled Mama products arrived yesterday and I am already obsessed with the stuff! I will for sure be ordering the normal sized products ASAP (even if there's nothing you can do to avoid stretch marks I'm giving it a try). Anyways, I thought I would give you guys a review of the stuff in case you're interested.

*I forgot to mention last time that The Spoiled Mama is totally organic, toxin free, certified vegan, and none of their products are tested on animals!
Tummy Butter for Stretch Marks
This stuff is amazing! First, the smell is heavenly. It reminds me of a chocolate orange (am I the only one who loves those?). Seriously, the last cocoa butter I used smelled like fake chocolate and was super greasy. But this is such a gentle scent that it doesn't bother my super nose at all and it isn't crazy greasy. Bottom line: it's a must have!

Bump Gloss Stretch Mark Oil
I was really surprised how much I like this stuff because I bought another stretch mark oil at the same time that I bought the other cocoa butter and it was horrible. It left me feeling oily for hours! This, on the other hand, immediately absorbs into the skin so it doesn't feel oily at all. And it is lightly scented with lavender so it is relaxing.

Extreme Mama Creme
This creme (ooh la la, fancy spelling of cream) is meant to help soothe your itchy skin as your belly starts really growing and stretching. Obviously I'm not at that point yet so I can't attest to whether or not it works for that purpose but I can say that it smells really nice and reminds me of being in a spa. I couldn't place the scent like I could with the other products but it's label says it is their #1 requested signature scent of a chamomile-neroli blend. The lotion feels really light and I can definitely see how it would be soothing.

So there's my review of The Spoiled Mama. I really recommend taking a look at their site: They also have many other products like teas that are meant to help with queasiness and skin products to help with pregnancy acne etc... 

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