Friday, November 9, 2012

I'm Still Pregnant!

The title of this post pretty much sums today up...

I went in to Dr. Lee's office today to have my blood drawn for a second Beta test. RE's will generally do 3 tests several days apart and they are looking for your numbers to keep steadily rising (they should double approximately every 48 hours). This is important because it is a sign that the pregnancy is progressing and will actually be a viable pregnancy. Since my first Beta was 251, I was hoping to see my number from today be around 500. The nurse finally called around 4:00pm and told me that not only did my number double, it more then doubled! My 2nd Beta came in at 618, woohoo!!! So as of today, I am still pregnant! This is a really good sign and I feel like I can breathe a little easier now. I know there is always a chance that something might still happen, but I am going to relax and believe that this is it and I will be going home from the hospital with this baby (or babies). The nurse scheduled my third and final Beta for 6 days from now, Thursday November 15th. As long as everything looks good that day we will then schedule our first ultrasound for the following Monday, November 19th (which also happens to be one of my sisters' birthday). So basically Mike and I will get to see how many little Mitchell's are cooking in there in 10 days!!

I had other things I wanted to talk about tonight but will have to put them off until tomorrow because I am just too tired! I guess I'm learning that I need to take advantage of my morning energy because I'm starting to feel really drained by night time and am going to bed early!! 

This little mama is off to rub some cocoa butter on her belly (getting a head start on those nasty stretch marks) and then read some What To Expect while laying in bed. I'll probably fall asleep with the book on my chest in less then 10 minutes...


  1. Yayyy congrats!!! I can't wait to see how many little ones you have in there :)

  2. Your numbers look awesome! The exhaustion is crazy, I find that I am in bed sometimes by 8:30. Anyways rest when you can and I can't wait to see how many show up in the ultrasound.