Thursday, November 15, 2012

I'm Beyond Thrilled!

Well there's no point in beating around the bush... I'm still pregnant!!!

Here is the breakdown of what my betas were:

Beta 1 (11/7): 251
Beta 2 (11/9): 618 - doubling time of 38 hours
Beta 3 (11/15): 5,780 - doubling time of 45 hours

This is great news because they want to see your number double every 48 hours and as you can see mine are doubling faster then that. I am beyond excited, I can't even tell you! I feel like it's real and this is really going to happen. 

They scheduled my first ultrasound for Monday at 10:00am and Mike is going to go with me. He is so sweet, he said he's going to try his hardest to be at every appointment, and especially every major appointment like ultrasounds etc... Time is going to go by so slowly until Monday! All I want is to see my beautiful baby (or babies) and see their little hearts fluttering away! It's funny to think that when you're going through an IVF cycle there seems to be so many days where you are just waiting waiting waiting. You would think that once you get that positive pee stick the waiting would be over, BUT NO! It seems to be just as much waiting. Waiting until the next beta, waiting until the ultrasound, waiting to be out of the danger zone for miscarriages. I guess no matter what you're going through in life it's going to be filled with waiting.

So now that I've passed all my betas with flying colors I can make my 5 week chalkboard. I was waiting for today's results just in case it wasn't good news. But i really feel comfortable now, like everything is going to work out.

I've got to run, gotta get ready because I'm going to go see the Twilight Midnight Showing tonight!!!!!


  1. Woo hoo! This post makes me so happy!!

  2. Yayyy great news!! I know what you mean about the waiting. This whole thing is a huge test of patience. Hope you had fun at the movie!

  3. Great news!

  4. Great news on the awesome beta #s.!

  5. Yay, what great news, congrats!! Can't wait to see the chalkboard picture! And can't wait to see Twilight either - going tomorrow afternoon!