Monday, November 12, 2012

Chalkboard Time!

Hooray for our first chalkboard post!! I had so much fun doing this and I absolutely LOVED how it turned out! Before I could draw though, I had to trek all over town to find chalk. Everywhere I went had such a small selection of chalk and an even smaller selection of colored chalk. I specifically wanted Crayola brand because I read that it is the most vibrant and brightest chalk and since I'm going to be taking photos of the chalkboard I need it to stand out. I finally found a package at Walmart that had a bunch of colors so I grabbed it and excitedly headed home to get started.

Thanksgiving cannot come soon enough. Only 10 more days... I'm actually losing my mind keeping this secret. It's like I want to shout from the rooftops and tell any and everyone that I'm pregnant!!! I think it also makes it feel less real, like it's not happening because everyone else is going about their normal life around me and all I want to do is talk about being pregnant. 

So here's the plan for how we're gong to tell everyone:

Immediate Family
Thanksgiving is the one holiday that both of our families do together (which is a good thing because in past years I felt like my stomach was going to rip down the middle from all the food). Every year I force everyone to say what they are thankful for once we sit down at the table. I say force because my family gripes about it and says it's so cheesy. Be that as it may, I like doing it and think it's a nice tradition. So we are planning on doing the whole "I'm thankful for blah blah blah" and then say something along the lines of "and I'm also thankful for the newest little member of the family that will be here in July"! I know it's been done before and it's not a new idea but I have actually always thought this was a really cute way to tell family and it just so happens to be around the time we found out I'm pregnant so I think it's fate.

My Dad
My dad lives in Pennsylvania so I obviously won't get to tell him in person, but I don't want to just call him up and blurt it out. I'm thinking of overnighting him a picture frame that has a space for two photos. I'll put the chalkboard announcement in one slot and our first ultrasound in the other slot. I'll call him ahead of time and tell him that I am sending him something but that he can't open it until he calls me. 

Close Friends
A while back we bought one of those Murder/Mystery Dinner Party things but just haven't gotten around to doing it. Mike and I were thinking about taking charge of everything and getting it set up. Then we will reveal to everyone at some point in the night. I'm not exactly sure how we'll tell everyone but I will make it fit into the story line. Maybe at some point I'll refuse a drink and declare that I can't have any because I am pregnant, and then wait to see if anyone catches on.

Everyone Else
Once all out immediate family and friends know we will post the chalkboard announcement on our Facebook and watch the comments flood in.

Now if only it could be Thanksgiving!!


  1. Wow, your chalkboard looks amazing! You have skills! I seriously love the way your idea of announcing what you're thankful for at dinner. I've never heard that before and it's such a great idea!

  2. Your chalkboard is gorgeous. When i get pg you have to come over and write on mine b/c my penmanship is no where near as nice!