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My name is Lis (sounds like Liz – my mom just wanted to complicate my life!) and I am 27 years old. I married my husband, Mike, 2 years ago but we’ve been together for almost 10 years. We knew that we wanted to have kids fairly early on in our marriage but still wanted to enjoy some time to ourselves so we decided to wait until our 2nd anniversary to start trying to get pregnant. Little did we know what would be in store for us… In December 2010 I decided to go off my birth control pill because I had heard it can take a while to regulate after being on it for a long time (which for me had been about 8 years). I also wanted to start tracking my natural cycle so that when we did start trying I would have a better handle on everything. It turns out I have totally irregular cycles! One month my cycle was 28 days, then the next it was 35 days, followed by 109 days, then back to 29 days! After about 6 months of this I decided to ask my OBGYN and told her my concern since we were talking about having kids soon. She did some blood work and said that everything looked normal to her and that it was probably just taking my body a while to regulate.
Meanwhile, there were also problems developing with my husband. I debated about talking about this for a few reasons. Mainly, I feel bad airing my husband’s dirty laundry, so to speak. But I’ve realized that in order to fully explain why we are having fertility issues I need to be open and honest with everything that is going on with us. Also, I want others who may be having the same issues to feel like they aren’t alone. So long story short, we started to notice that Mike wouldn’t always ejaculate when we had sex. He described it as saying that it felt like he was, but nothing was actually coming out. My immediate thought was extreme sadness in thinking that my husband wasn’t physically enjoying sex. I know that is a silly thought but I couldn’t help myself. Eventually though, Mike was able to convince me that it still felt as good as it always had, he just wasn’t sure why he wasn’t actually ejaculating. We did a lot of research online but didn’t really find anything conclusive as to what could be wrong so Mike went to see an Urologist who told him we should see a fertility specialist.
Mike and I met with Dr. Lee (our Reproductive Endocrinologist "RE" who we absolutely LOVE) in mid April and immediately knew we were in good hands. Dr. Lee told us that what Mike was experiencing is called retro ejaculation and is a fairly common problem with men that have Type 1 Diabetes (which Mike has had since he was 12). Essentially, his body is producing sperm but for some reason there is a “kink” in his plumbing and it is getting released into his bladder. He said that it may work itself out eventually but more likely it would be something we’d have to deal with indefinitely. Regardless, we were relieved to finally have an answer.
After discussing both of our issues and concerns Dr. Lee seemed 
pretty confident that we were excellent candidates for fertility treatment and we had a very high chance of getting pregnant within a year which was music to my ears!! And so began our 
journey into fertility treatment…

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