Saturday, March 2, 2013

20 Weeks

It's official, I have a shopping problem! I am finding it impossible to stop buying clothes for Emma, they are all just too cute! But even I am starting to realize that our dresser drawers are already overflowing with clothes and we are barely halfway through the pregnancy. So I have made a promise to Mike that I won't buy anymore clothes until after my baby shower so I can see what I still need. BUT if people want to buy clothes for Emma, who am I to refuse :)

Some of the gifts I've recently gotten, SO CUTE!!

I also got 2 amazing deals this week: my bathtub and bouncer! First, I am so excited about this bathtub. I was at Buy Buy Baby with my mom and saw a 4Moms brand bathtub that looked pretty cool. Don't worry, I'm not about to tell you it's a baby bathtub with jets and a bunch of other totally unpractical features! Basically, this is a basic looking baby tub that sits on top of your kitchen sink and uses a constant flow of warm water from the faucet so that the section the baby is in is constantly using clean water, while the dirty water is constantly flushing out. It also has a digital thermometer in it that the water runs over before getting to the baby to tell you if it's too hot, too cold etc... Anyways, it was marked at $49.99. That night I was looking online to learn more about it and saw that it typically retails for $90. I told my mom the next day that we must have misread it or it had to have been mismarked. She insisted we go back and look at it again, and lo and behold it was marked on sale for $49.99. My mom surprised me and bought it for me!! As soon as I got home I opened it up and played around with it. I am seriously in love with this tub and can't wait to wash Emma in it!

My second amazing find of the week is my bouncer. Mike and I registered for one the Comfort and Harmony by Bright Starts Cradling Bouncer. It's a basic bouncer, nothing fancy, but it retails for $60. Also, we weren't in love with the pattern we picked but it was the best of the ones they had. A couple days ago I was out with my mom and sister at Burlington Coat Factory and we were looking at their Baby Depot department. My mom spotted a bouncer that they were selling for $25 so I went over to look at it and it was the exact same brand of bouncer as the one we had registered for AND it was a way cuter pattern!! I decided to go home and tell Mike first since I promised to stop shopping but he agreed that it was such an amazing deal we had to get it. So I went back the next day to get it. I had to go a little crazy on the lady at the register because she tried to tell me it was a mistake and wasn't actually on sale. Now I understand that things sometimes get mismarked or put on the wrong shelf, but this was a full on sign they had hanging next to them with the full name of the bouncer and a big X through the original price with a new price of $25. Umm, that's not a misunderstanding. If it's not supposed to be on sale then maybe you need to train your employees how to do their job better. Long story short I got the bouncer for $25, woohoo! Again, I immediately came home and put it together because I was so excited to see it. It's so cute and I can just picture Emma laying in!

Alright, belly time. Here is my 20 week bump pic and update.

How Far Along: 20w6d
Total Weight Gain: +8 pounds!! I guess the weight is finally packing on :)
Maternity Clothes: Still in need of new bras!
Stretch Marks: Same
Sleep: Pretty much the same. It's getting more difficult to get up for pee runs without having to roll up, this belly is getting in my way!
Best Moment This Week: Knowing I'm half baked and that if I just make it through another 20 weeks I'll be holding Emma in my arms!
Miss Anything: I would kill someone for an Iced Caramel Macchiato right now. Seriously, don't come near me with coffee or I may kill you!
Movement: Still waiting for more consistent movement
Food Cravings: Jelly Belly's!!! I devoured an entire bag yesterday :)
Anything Making You Queasy or Sick: Nope
Gender: Sweet baby girl - Emma Mae Mitchell
Labor Signs: Nope, getting closer to VDay though :)
Symptoms: Pretty much feeling the same this week
Belly Button In or Out: In
Wedding Rings On or Off: On
Happy or Moody Most of the Time: Over the moon <3
Looking Forward To: Building the crib today!!


  1. I'm loving your posts today! The outfits are so cute and great deals! I'm working on burp clothes today, inspired by you.

  2. LOL, you are funny, I think I have the opposite problem with shopping, but every time I go into the baby section I get overwhelmed and am afraid I will buy too much so I buy nothing. Our little boy has one onesie and that is about it. Anyways, Congrats on making it to the halfway point!