Friday, March 15, 2013

Crafty Mama (Part 2)

I decided to be crafty today and get started on some of the ideas I have pinned for the nursery on Pinterest. I decided to give 2 projects a go: a yarn wrapped letter and a decorative garland to drape on the wall. Below are the pins that sparked my inspiration!

What a coincidence that the pin happened to use the name Emma!

I started with the yarn letter. I decided I didn't want to do Emma's full name in the letters because I'm already planning on buying some super cute letters from Etsy to hang on the wall over the crib. So I decided to do one large "E" to have as a decorative accent in the room. Once I found the E I picked up some light pink yarn, a couple fabric flowers and got my hot glue gun ready...

This project was pretty simple but definitely tedious and time consuming. It also took a little bit of thinking ahead of time to make sure that everything would be wrapped and end up looking how I wanted it to. I decided that I wanted the yarn to be going vertically from top to bottom when all was said and done, so first I wrapped it horizontally to cover all the inside/end parts. To get started I simply glued the yarn to the top back of the letter (the front should be the prettiest part) and away I went. To secure the yarn at the end I just glued it (again, on the back).

Once I was done wrapping the yarn horizontally, I began wrapping the entire letter again, only vertically. This covered the top parts that weren't wrapped before but also doubled the yarn for the entire front of the letter, giving it a thicker look and hiding the brown cardboard completely. Once I was finished I glued a few fabric flowers on to add a little pizazz and voila!!

In this pic the yarn looks a lot more white then it really is...

For the next project, I wasn't entirely sure way I was going to do. I just knew that I like the idea of a cute garland to hang on the wall somewhere in the nursery. The pin shows how you can use paint sample strips and a small shaped paper puncher to create an easy and cheap garland. But when I was browsing Michaels I came across some little paper pennants and suddenly a vision came to me. I bought three different paper punchers: an elephant, an owl, and a lady bug. I then bought a package of scrapbook paper in pretty pink patterns and away I went.

Once I punched out all the shapes I just glued them onto each pennant and then strung them together using the pink yarn that I bought for the previous project. It was so simple but so cute!

Note, the walls aren't painted yet and this isn't how it will be in the actual nursery. I just put it up for a pic :)