Thursday, November 8, 2012

Morning Sickness...More Like All Day Sickness!

First and foremost a GIANT thank you to everyone that has reached out and congratulated me since getting our good news yesterday!! Mike and I are beyond thrilled and just so elated! It's so hard not to tell everyone I see but I'm determined to keep it a secret until Thanksgiving. Only 14 days to go!

It seems that my body has decided to really let me know that I am, in fact, pregnant. Today I think I've discovered what morning sickness is all about. Who came up with that name? I'd like to give them a piece of my mind for false advertisement because it isn't just in the morning. It's ALL DAY! Thankfully it isn't the "drop everything and run to the toilet" kind of nausea. Instead it's more like the that feeling you get when you are really hungry and you can literally feel how empty your stomach is, to the point where you feel sick. The thing is I pretty much feel that way regardless of if I have eaten or not. I guess I'm going to have to read up on eating tips for curbing morning sickness. Feel free to pass on any advice if you have some. Besides that I still feel the same as I was feeling before finding out I'm pregnant. No other symptoms yet...

Yesterday after we got the good news Mike and I went out to run a few errands. One of the places we went to was Barnes and Noble. I bought What To Expect When You're Expecting and a pregnancy journal.  The journal is really cool (and of course I got the most expensive one so Mike griped about it for a few minutes) and has a bunch of pages with questions to fill out and a space for a corresponding picture that goes along with the theme of that page. It also came with a bunch of scrapbook like frames for the pictures and a ton of stickers that I can put on the pages that say things like "I'm finally showing", "bought maternity clothes for the first time" and "painted the nursery" with a blank space to write in the date. Essentially it's like a baby book but for your pregnancy; I can't wait to fill it out!!

Tomorrow I am going to Dr. Lee's for my 2nd Beta test. Please keep your fingers (and toes) crossed for me that my number has doubled! In the meantime, I will leave you with an update on how Baby M is doing: 
Baby's Now The Size Of A Poppyseed
Now safe in your womb, the ball of cells (blastocyst) is splitting into the embryo (your future child) and placenta. Outside this microscopic speck, the amniotic sac and fluid are forming into protective cushioning. in addition to the miracle of life, you can also welcome these beautiful first gifts of motherhood: bloating, cramping, and maniacal mood swings.


  1. Some advice on the misery that is all day sickness...try to keep something in your stomach at all times, even if you feel like it will make you sicker. Every bag I own is filled with a baggie of crackers. Preggie Pop Drops or Jolly Ranchers are helpful too. I found that Gingerale gave me heartburn but that works for some people too. I also kept crackers or granola bars next to bed in the morning and would eat a few bites before I even got out of bed. That helped me from feeling like I was going to puke in the shower every morning!

  2. Those little poppyseeds are so cute! I hope you're feeling better today. Fx and toesx for your beta tomorrow!!

  3. YAY for pg symptoms and purchases :)

  4. I'm going through the same thing now except I kind of feel like I have the flu (no puking yet). I think it helps when I eat every few hours but nothing I eat is appetizing. Oh well, I've never been so happy & sick at the same tome haha! Hope your betas went well!