Sunday, July 29, 2012

It's about to begin!

I start stimming tomorrow and I am a bundle of nerves! I decided I needed to get away and relax for the weekend since the next couple weeks are going to be full of shots and doctor appointments so I went with one of my best girlfriends to Big Bear. We had a blast laughing, drinking, and talking. I definitely needed that.

But now I am home and thinking about everything that is about to happen. Our last cycle was going to be an IUI and I was on daily injections of Menopur. Unfortunately I developed mild OHSS and had way to many eggs to risk doing the IUI so it was cancelled. I think I'm mostly nervous that I'm going to react the same way and this IVF will be cancelled. Dr. Lee said he is obviously taking that into consideration and will be monitoring me closely the entire time. I just hope everything goes smoothly...

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