Thursday, July 26, 2012

Saline Ultrasound...Messy!

I’ve been on birth control now for 15 days and had a saline ultrasound and trial transfer done today. Two words: No Bueno!! I guess I should back up a bit and say it really wasn’t all that bad, just uncomfortable. First Dr. Lee had to do a regular transvaginal ultrasound which hurt more than it has in the past. I’m not sure what the problem was but it felt like he was really pressing the wand thing hard against my ovaries. He did see a small cyst on one ovary but he said it’s so small that he doesn’t think it will be an issue.
Next up was the trial transfer. I guess the point of this is to practice with a catheter where the best place to drop the little embryos off will be. On the day of the embryo transfer they want to be extra sure that nothing goes wrong. Dr. Lee said this would feel very similar to how the IUI felt but again, it hurt more than normal. He said I had a “false passage” or something like that which made it hard for him to get the catheter into my uterus and I could feel it poking around which hurt a little. Once he found a good entrance and was able to get into the uterus everything was fine though. It was pretty cool watching the catheter on the ultrasound and seeing where he thought would be the perfect location for the egg transfer!
Finally, it was time for the saline ultrasound. Dr. Lee told me he was going to insert some saline into my uterus to see if my uterine lining was clean or not. My first thought was “I don’t know how my lining could be dirty but I really hope that’s not the case!!”, lol! Thankfully I didn’t say that out loud because once he explained to me what that actually meant I realized how dumb I would have sounded. A "clean" uterus means that the walls are smooth, or in other words ideal for implantation. Anyways, turns out my uterus is clean and pretty darn perfect looking, according to Dr. Lee. It may seem like a strange thing to take as a compliment but at this point I’ll take what I can get! What I wasn’t prepared for was the gushing afterwards, sorry if that’s too graphic of an explanation but it's the only way to describe what it felt like. I was shocked (and embarrassed) when I tried to sit up and felt like I peed in front the doctor! I'm sure they see this all the time and he didn't act like it was anything new but still... I guess I should have realized that what goes up must come down one way or another, lol!

After all of that the Dr. Lee told me that overall he feels that I am in the best category you could be in and that we had a really high probability of getting a take home baby from IVF! Yay! Now I just want to get going with everything...

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