Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Please crank the A/C!!

As I posted last night, I gave myself the first injection yesterday (well, the hubby did since i am a chicken). The problem that I should have worried about wasn't the pain of the injection but rather the side effects! Man oh man, they are killer! About 30 minutes after the shot I started having stomach pains. I'll be honest, it wasn't too painful but it definitely was uncomfortable. Without getting into too much details (TMI, I know) the pains were even worse when I had to go to the bathroom... Poor Mike was trying to make me feel better and decided to rub my belly and tell me "that must be all the eggs getting ready in there". While I appreciated the sweet thought behind his actions, I swatted his hand away and snapped at him for putting more pressure on my already painful belly. I am so grateful that Mike doesn't take any of my mood swings too seriously and I must remember to do something extra thoughtful for him soon as a thank you for putting up with my crazy! Luckily, though, I fell a sleep pretty quickly and was able to sleep through the night without waking up in any pain. But this morning I felt "off". Again, nothing too bad but just not good feeling. Things only got worse as I started getting horrible hot flashes throughout the day. Never again will I crack a joke about hot flashes at my mom's expense, I swear! I really believe hot flashes are the workings of the devil! One minute I am going about my business feeling normal and then out of nowhere I feel like I am burning up and sweating uncontrollably. This must have happened to me about 6 times today. Not only is it uncomfortable and gross feeling (can I have a shower installed at work?), but its exhausting. At one point in the day I was so drained and uncomfortable that I practically yelled at a customer on the phone for no reason. **Note to self: get that under control before someone complains to your boss!!** 

The one positive thing I have going for me with all this is my amazing coworkers. With the exception of one male coworker, I work with all females and we are all pretty close and friendly. Everyone is aware of what I am going through and is pretty sympathetic. At one point today, one of my coworkers started to call me over for help when they saw what I'm assuming to be my sweaty and pale face from one of the lovely hot flashes I was experiencing and instead came to me. I just keep telling myself to breath and take it day by day. Hopefully the side effects will lighten up as my body adjusts to the medication. But if not, it's only for 10 days. If the end result is a precious little baby (or two) I can certainly handle worse then this. 

With that said, off to bed I go (but not before another wonderful shot)!


  1. Hope those hot flashes get easier to handle! Glad to hear you have good coworkers. Since we spend most of our time at work, that is important.


  2. Welcome to the community! And good luck with this cycle!