Sunday, August 5, 2012

And Then There Were Two...

I am starting this post off with a picture that summarizes everything I love about where I live!! Absolutely nothing beats a perfect day at the beach, when the sun is shining and the water is refreshingly cool (the numbing sensation your feet get in the beginning of summer isn't fun)... On Saturday I went to the beach with my sister and two nieces, Violet and Kenna. It was such a relaxing day which is exactly what I needed. All I did was lay out and splash around with the kiddos. Today, Mike and I spent most of the day laying around the house (I think all the sun really zapped my energy yesterday) but did venture out to get an amazing 1 1/2 hour massage. We capped the night off with a stop for some FroYo for me as a reward for what was to come (see below...).

Yup, as evidenced by the above photo, I am now taking 2 shots a night! I have been both dreading and looking forward to this night. Dreading it because another shot is another opportunity for pain and crazy side effects. But I was looking forward to it because obviously it's just one step closer to the end game. The bottom (and much bigger/scarier looking) syringe is the shot I have been taking for the last 7 nights now - it's a combination of Menopur and Bravelle. The top (and thankfully much smaller) syringe is the new medicine, Ganirelix. While the Menopur and Bravelle are both supposed to help me grow lots of eggs, the Ganirelix is used to prevent premature ovulation. It is basically allowing the release of my eggs to be controlled. I was originally supposed to start taking Ganirelix yesterday but at my monitoring appointment on Friday Dr. Lee told me to start it today instead. I was very nervous about taking it but it ended up being a breeze! Seriously, I didn't even know Mike had stabbed me yet, let alone done the entire injection. The only thing I  did notice was a slight burning/itching sensation around the area of the injection a couple minutes afterwards. The directions said to gently massage the injection site for a couple minutes to help the medicine absorb into the body. So that's what I did and after another minute it felt fine.

I have another appointment bright and early tomorrow morning to do another ultrasound and more blood work to check on how my little follies are growing. Hopefully I'll get a more concrete date on the egg retrieval. Until then, this little pin cushion is going to bed!

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