Friday, August 17, 2012

What Now?

Waiting, waiting, waiting... What's new?!! 

First, I guess I should update you on how I'm doing. It is like night and day even since I wrote my last post. For the most part I feel better. I am still swollen and not loving my temporarily fuller figure but I know that it will go down soon enough. And who knows, maybe people will think I'm just preggo, haha! I still get a little winded when I've been walking or moving about. But other then that I feel like I am finally back on my feet again. I'm still reminding myself to take it easy and not over do myself because I know that I am still recovering. But it was nice to be able to get up and do some dishes and tidy up the house today (Mike has definitely let things slip around the house). I'm planning on going out to lunch with a few of my girlfriends tomorrow who have been dying to see me since the egg retrieval so that will be my big introduction back into society!

Now I guess it's time to start obsessing on the next step in this whole process. I got the final fertility report today from the embryologist and was told that we had 10 amazing little frozen embryos (going forward I will affectionately refer to them as our frosties). So to recap, we originally had 31 eggs, of those 27 were fully mature, of those 21 were fertilized normally. After 5 days of growing and dividing 10 ended up being good quality. I was a little bummed at first because I thought we would have so much more but after talking to a lot of people I have been told that 10 is actually an amazing number. Especially since Dr. Lee thinks we have a really good chance that at least 1 out of 2 embryos will stick in our first transfer, I guess that leaves a good amount of frosties to keep for the future. 

So at this point I am waiting on good old Aunt Flo to pay me a visit before we can move ahead with the next step which the nurse says should come within the week. From there she said everything will go pretty quickly. I will go into the doctor for another baseline ultrasound and the transfer should happen approximately 20 days from then. What we are trying to do this time is make sure my uterine lining is ideal to encourage implantation of the embryos. I will be giving myself progesterone and estradiol valerate injections (yay, more shots) basically as I was supposed to if we had done the transfer this week. 

Who would have thought that the day would come where I'd want to get my period....


  1. So glad to hear that you are doing better. That is awesome news on your frosties. I hope that af comes soon so you can get back into the swing of things.

  2. How miserable for you! (read this post and the previous one about the hyper stimulation...)