Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Just Got The Call!!!

**I want to preface this entire post by apologizing for my excessive overuse of exclamation marks. I know my high school AP teacher would probably have red pen marks all over this but I'm excited and want to punctuate accordingly so too bad Mr. Powers!

Anyways, I had my FINAL monitoring appointment today and it was great! Dr. Lee said I had at least 25 fully mature follies (happy dancing as I type)! I am going to take my final stims shots (I am out of Menopur but have 2 more Bravelle vials that Dr. Lee said to take, along with my last Ganirelix shot) tonight and then it's trigger time tomorrow night at 9pm with an egg retrieval on Saturday at 8am!! For the trigger I will be taking an HCG hormone shot in the booty. This shot triggers my body to ovulate 36 hours after the injection (hence the term "trigger shot"), which is when I will be undergoing the egg retrieval process. I will also be taking a Lupron trigger tomorrow night which is supposed to help my body somehow to not develop OHSS again.

I got so much paperwork today with tons of directions for what to do leading up to and after the procedure. The paper they gave me is literally highlighted with at least 5 different colors all over the page. Talk about an overload of information!! And of course, Mike wasn't able to come to this appointment. Why is it that he is always present for the uneventful appointments but the ones where they cram me full of information are the times he can't make it?!?! 

The reason Mike wasn't at my appointment was because he was at the embryologist providing a sample (fun times) that they are going to freeze and have as a back up in case he isn't able to produce a viable sample on the day of the retrieval. I got a call from them this afternoon and they said they were able to freeze an entire vial that had a very good count/motility/morphology etc... Basically, we have a good sample so I am a very happy camper right now.

At this point all that's left for me is to sit back and relax...


  1. Great news! You are so close to retrieval day!

  2. That is terrific! I sure hope everything goes smoothly!