Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Look What The Meds Fairy Delivered!

Yup, that's the last of all my wonderful medications: Luprolide Acetate Trigger and wonderful Progesterone in Oil. As you may recall these are the 2 medicines I had to go to battle over. My insurance ended up not covering the Lupron trigger and while they did cover the PIO they said that due to some funky California law they couldn't ship it to me and I would therefore need to pay OOP because they only cover medications filled through their pharmacy. After many exhausting phone calls I was able to get a supervisor to agree to reimburse me for the PIO since it definitely isn't my fault that they can't ship to me. So glad that is finally taken care of.

I can honestly say that the PIO is all I've been worrying about since this IVF process began. I have read such horrible stories about it (I think my favorite was the common "it felt like i had rocks in my butt and hips"). I have been doing so much reading online about tips to help ease the pain of this shot and the best I have found was to warm up the oil prior to injecting it and to definitely NOT ice my booty first. Everything I have read has said that while that might help ease the initial sting of the shot, it certainly doesn't help the thick oil absorb into you, hence the lumpy rocks... I'm just saying a little prayer that it's not as bad as people have been making it out to be. You know back when you were in school and you would compare teachers with your friends and they would tell you things like "ooh, he's a horrible teacher, no one passes his tests" etc... And then you get to the class and realize you actually like your teacher and don't know what everyone was complaining about? Maybe this PIO stuff will be like that. Here's to wishing! 

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