Monday, September 17, 2012

Pregnancy Symptoms Or Crazy?

I am now 4dpFET and this waiting is HARD!! It's way too early to have any pregnancy symptoms and I know that....right? So why am I over analyzing everything I'm feeling?? As I said, this waiting is HARD! Well, either I am preggo or I am crazy but never the less, here is how I am feeling so far:

  • Sore breasts - Definitely still feeling sore but not too bad.
  • I'm always thirsty - Anyone who knows me knows that it typically takes me forever to finishvmy drink, let alone get refills!!
  • I'm crazy gassy - Eeewwww, this one is gross!
  • Upset stomach - I'm still enjoying food but nothing seems to be sitting well with me and unfortunately it's all running through me!
I've also definitely begun to have food cravings and aversions (though I've always been someone who gets strong cravings so it could very well just be me thinking I have a reason to be craving things now). Anyways, here is what I've been obsessed with lately:
  • Milk shakes and milk (specifically strawberry flavored) - I have never liked milk, not even as a child, so this one is beyond me!
  • Diet Coke (but only if its a fountain drink) - I no longer like soda from a can, it doesn't taste very carbonated to me.
So that's how I'm feeling right now. 8 days left to go until I'll find out if this is all in my head or not...


  1. I have heard of people that have symptoms right after conception so you never know. I would try to keep busy until you find out. Sorry everything is so crazy.

  2. Some of the symptoms that are most women experienced are:
    Changes like the area surrounding the nipple gets dark and the nipple changes. You can easily determine them even before you miss your period. constipation can also be one of the early pregnancy signs, definitely feel tired very easily and experience fatigue that occurs in the first trimester due to the hormone progesterone.