Thursday, September 6, 2012

We're Back!

I'll start this post with an amazing photo I took of The Grand Canyon a few days ago... Seriously, it's breathtaking, isn't it?!?!

Mike and I drove home today from our mini vacation in Arizona/Nevada and I can't say enough how happy I am to be sleeping in my own bed tonight. Don't get me wrong, I had a blast over the last few days but my back is killing me... We first drove to Goodyear, AZ Friday night and stayed with a couple friends through Tuesday morning. We mainly lazed around, swam, ate, and laughed. It was great to catch up and just relax. Then Tuesday morning Mike and I said goodbye and headed off to see The Grand Canyon. It was kind of an impromptu stop so we didn't get to see as much as we would have liked but I'm still glad we decided to go (even though it was a LONG drive).

From The Grand Canyon we drove to Laughlin, Nevada to stay for a couple days. Neither of us had ever been to Laughlin and while we had heard that it is "an older person's Las Vegas" we thought it might be nice to get in a few days of gambling plus it cut our drive home into shorter drives. Well, the casino definitely wasn't what we were hoping it would be but we had fun lounging by the pool instead.

Finally, though, it was time to head back home and face reality. I have another appointment tomorrow afternoon with Dr. Lee to check how the thickness of my uterine lining is coming. I hope there is some progress and that Dr. Lee thinks we are still on for the FET on Thursday. Yup, a week from today we will officially be PUPO (Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise)! Speaking of all this infertility business, this was my first time traveling while having to take my meds. It wasn't that big of a deal since most days I just have to swallow a couple pills but I did have to take 2 shots throughout the trip. By now I am used to quickly mixing up the meds so the hassle was more just having to lug around everything and remember to take the shot. At home you get into a routine every night but when you are out on vacation  it's very easy to forget... 

Well, I just thought I'd check in and say hi since it's been a while. I'll update you with any news after tomorrow's appointment. 

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