Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tomorrow Is The Big Day!

I just spoke to one of the nurses from my clinic and they gave me the good news: we are scheduled to do the embryo transfer at 11:45am tomorrow!! So I will be taking a Valium at 10:45am and will be checking into the surgery center at 11:30am. Mike is off from work tomorrow so he will of course be with me the entire time, thank God. Words cannot describe how incredibly excited/anxious I am for this.

As I wrote yesterday, I have been so overwhelmed thinking about all this that the last two days have literally resulted in me accomplishing nothing all day. Thank God I am not working right now because Lord knows what my manager would think of my productivity! On the flip side though, I wonder if not working is part of why I have so much time on my hands to let my mind wander... Either way I am determined to make the most of today for several reasons. First, I actually do have some things that need to be taken care of before my 48 hours of bed rest begins. I know that Mike will take care of all the necessary things but laundry, cleaning and those sorts of things will probably be left for me once I am able to be up and about again. So i figure it's probably best that I get everything as tidy as can possibly be. Another reason I am trying to busy myself today is that I have pretty much laid around the house the last 2 days and found it really hard to go to sleep last night as a result. You know when you are sick and in bed for so long that you start to be uncomfortable in bed? That was me last night. I really don't want to be miserable for the next two days of bed rest so I am attempting to wear myself out today in the hopes that I will crash tonight and be comfortable tomorrow and the following day in bed.

Today I will be taking the last of my daily dose of Dexamethasone and instead will now be starting Doxycycline twice daily and Medrol once a day for 4 days. I am still taking the Baby Aspirin and PreNatal Vitamin daily also. Today is day 4 of the Crinone Gel and it just keeps getting more and more gross! I'm used to the leakage so that's not really a big issue but apparently I've come to a point now where there is build up of gunk inside me so when I wipe I am seeing gross yellowish clumps coming out! Eeewww! Thankfully I happened to read from one women that this is normal or else I would have probably freaked out since I tend to be of the mindset that its not normal to have unusual stuff coming out of you... Other then that I am still plugging away with the nightly PIO shots and Delestrogen shot every 3rd night. I must say that I am pleasantly surprised with the PIO and want to set the record straight for any women who is scared to be starting these shots. For me, there hasn't been any pain so far. I have been on the PIO for a week now and have not felt any soreness in the muscle or any bumps near the injection site. The worst thing to happen so far was last night when Mike gave me the injections he must have hit a blood vessel or small vein as he pulled out the needle because i bled a little afterwards. At first I was afraid that he did the injection wrong but he said he aspirated the needle before injecting it so I think we're ok. Anyways, like I said so far everything is good. Maybe it's still too soon to have any of those side effects but as of right now I am perfectly happy to continue taking these shots.

I'll be back tomorrow once I get home and wear off the Valium for an update with all the details about how the transfer went. I've seen in some other people's posts that they were given pictures of their embryos so I'm really hoping our RE will do the same. It will be baby's (or babies') first picture!

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