Thursday, September 13, 2012

Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise!

The day is finally here! After all we've been through in last few months we are officially PUPO (Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise)!!

I was so nervous/anxious/excited/every emotion last night. In fact, I woke up about every couple hours and then couldn't go back to sleep after 5:00am. So I just laid there in bed, read a little, played on my phone etc... Finally around 9:00am I was allowed to wake up Mike (DO NOT attempt to wake him up before his predetermined time, it's not pretty). Once we were up and ready to go I took my Valium and we headed off to the surgery center. I have never taken Valium before and wasn't sure what to expect but I found that it just made me peacefully relaxed. Mike kept laughing at me and said my response time was slower when he was talking to me but I didn't notice anything.

Once we arrived at the surgery center we went up to the embryologist office and were let into one of the transfer rooms. The room was nice and peaceful. It was painted in a dark gray and was dimly lit. There was a noise machine playing the sounds of the ocean and there was a comfy chair next to the table for Mike to sit in. I was actually surprised at how casual the place was about everything. All they did was ask my name and birth date, they didn't even ask to see ID. For all they know I could have been some random crazy person stealing someone else's baby. Although, I guess my doctor was the one to actually do the transfer so he would have realized if it wasn't me, but still... Both Mike and I signed a consent form and had to initial for acknowledging that due to our younger age we are at higher risk of both embryos implanting which would result in multiples. The embryologist also went over the status of our embryos and gave us a picture of them!! He said both of the embryos were really good quality, one was grade A and the other was grade B. He explained that this grading system is actually pretty old and not as relevant as it once was because there are so many other things they test on now, but for whatever reason they still grade the embryos that way. He also told us that just because one is graded as a B doesn't mean it will have a higher chance of having problems if it takes, so that we shouldn't worry about anything like that. Overall he said we have great embryos!

 Once we signed everything they left Mike and I alone so I could undress from the waist down and get onto the table. It's so funny to think how I used to dread my annual appointment with my OB/GYN. After the last few months with Dr. Lee, undressing and getting into those stirrups feels like a daily routine to me! Then Dr. Lee came into the room and pretty much got right to business. He turned on the ultrasound machine which was actually hooked up to a big screen TV on the wall so we were able to watch everything. First he did a quick trial transfer which just means he practiced putting the catheter in to make sure it went in smoothly. Once he did that and felt that everything was OK he sent the nurse to go get our embryos from the lab. She came back in with a tiny tube and said our embryos were in it - it was so surreal! As Dr. Lee began inserting the tube through the catheter I could actually see it on the TV. Once he got to where he thought was the best location for implantation he told me to slow my breathing (I guess I was breathing pretty heavily) and then he released both embryos into my uterus. I actually saw it! It looked like a little shooting star shoot out and then it just stopped and stayed in place. It was so crazy! Mike and I were squeezing each other's hands so hard I swear I must have been cutting off his circulation! Dr. Lee took a couple different ultrasound photos from different angles of the embryos and I was going to ask if we could have a copy but I totally forgot in all my excitement. I'll have to try and remember to ask him for a copy later. After that they left Mike and I alone and told me to stay in place for 10 minutes. Then we were allowed to go home.

So now I am home, in bed resting. I have to be on pretty strict bed rest for the next 48 hours. Dr. Lee said basically all I can do is get up to go to the bathroom. It kinda sucks being confined to the bed but at least Mike is home with me today to keep me company (though I doubt he's very excited to be watching all seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians on Netflix with me). Tomorrow he has to go back to work so I'll just make sure he makes me breakfast before he leaves and then he will come home for lunch to get me something to eat. I think I'll be sending him to rent some movies tonight... I also already suckered him into going to get me a chocolate malt from Sonic as a celebration for being PUPO!!

Now the hard part begins: waiting! I'm trying to stay positive and think good thoughts. At this point I'm not even going to try and convince myself that I will be OK if I don't end up pregnant this time around. I'm already so over the moon with the idea of those two little ones inside me. It's going to be heartbreaking if this doesn't work. So I guess all I can do is pray for the best and see what happens.

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  1. I'm so excited for you! Crossing my fingers, toes and sending good vibes your way!