Friday, October 5, 2012

1st Shot...Check!

Last night was my first official injection of FET 2.0! No news to report regarding the injection; it was pretty routine feeling since I've done it a million times before. Never the less, it was still slightly exciting to start again. Plus it somehow felt good to do, like part of my regular routine was missing and now I had it back. Weird, I know! 

I should be getting my official schedule today or Monday. The OCD in me is excited to have a paper that I can check off each day from!!

Unfortunately that's all I have to report today. I should be going back in to see Dr. Lee no later then the end of next week to check how my lining is going. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that since we started with a higher dose of Delestrogen this time (last time it got upped mid way through because my lining wasn't thickening up as quickly as Dr. Lee would have liked) there might be a chance that we can do the ET closer to 2 weeks time. If it does end up being in around 3 weeks I may miss our friend's annual Halloween party due to the mandatory bed rest :(

Until next time...

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