Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day 4 Post Transfer

Today I am feeling IRRITATED!! 

I am so irritated with my mother-in-law! I know that she means well and is just really excited for us give her a grandchild but she is so overwhelming at times. Every single day she asks me how I'm feeling but she says it in a way that implies "Are you feeling pregnant?". She also constantly makes me feel like an invalid by telling me I can't do anything that requires me to exert any energy. Like I said, I know that she means well but it is taking everything in me to not roll my eyes and scream at her! Mike says all the hormones are making me talk like a sailor but I just feel so irritated all the time.

Today, MIL asks me if she can ask me a personal question that I don't have to answer if I don't want to.  GREAT, what am I supposed to think of that?! Thankfully all she wanted to know was how they determined if I was pregnant or not. Apparently she had thought that I had to go through some sort of horrible and invasive test. I told her that no, it was just a blood test. MIL then asked me when we will find out this time so I took the opportunity to tell her that we'd prefer not to tell her the date of our blood  test. She seemed a little taken back at first but I politely explained to her that while we will share the results with them (obviously) I don't want to have them sitting around expecting a phone call because I may need to take some time to myself if it isn't good news again. Thankfully, MIL said she understood where I was coming from. Since the conversation was going so well I decided to take the opportunity to tell her that I'd prefer she didn't ask me how I was feeling everyday. I explained that last time I felt like I had so many early pregnancy symptoms and I obviously wasn't pregnant so this time I am really trying not to read into anything I may or may not be feeling. I think she understood where I was coming from and said that going forward she won't ask me that and will keep any observations about my potential pregnant state to herself. I feel a little bad about it all but I have to protect my heart throughout all this because at the end of the day I'm the one who is going through it, not her.


  1. I am sorry your MIL is being like that and I think how your feeling is completely normal. It can be annoying when every time you talk to someone they want to symptom check. Anyways I hope she really does kind of let up. And I nominated you for a blogging award.

    1. Wow, thank you!! And congrats on being nominated yourself :)

  2. Unfortunately, that's one of the downsides of family knowing when you are going through these steps to get pregnant. When DH and I were doing clomid and femara cycles I tried not to tell my mother about it just so she wouldn't ask. Now that we're doing injectables with an RE she knows things are being done on a schedule and will start asking me what's going on. I hope your MIL is true to her word and stops asking you since things get stressful enough without adding her to the mix.