Friday, October 12, 2012

Hello UPS Man, AGAIN!

Today my medications arrived for FET 2.0! While it's nothing compared to all the medications I had for my fresh cycle, all the needles are still a site to behold!

If you read my older posts about getting all my medications shipped to me you will know that I had quite a struggle with my insurance company. Some medications were back ordered, some weren't covered by my insurance, some weren't allowed to be shipped to California (still confused on that one??) etc... I ended up having to go through several different companies to get everything. Well for whatever reason there was no problem getting everything this time, and it's the same stinking medications! Maybe I actually got a competent representative this time, who knows!

Anyways, here is everything i will be using during this cycle:

  • Delestrogen
  • Progesterone in Ethyl Oleate
  • Dexamethasone
  • Baby Aspirin
  • Prenatal Vitamins
  • Doxycycline
  • Medrol
  • Valium
  • Crinone Gel
Tonight marks my 3rd Delestrogen shot (remember, I am taking this shot every 3rd night). So far it has been pretty uneventful. 

I spoke to one of the nurses at my clinic yesterday and found out that FET 2.0 is officially scheduled for Friday, October 26th - just two weeks from today. I will also be going in next Friday, October 19th, for an ultrasound and blood work to check my lining. Mike is a little bummed because I will be on bed rest after the transfer on the night of our good friend's annual Halloween party. I am a little sad that we won't be getting to dress up in a cute couples costume as we do every year (last year we were Princess Peach and Mario) but honestly it's a good trade off in my opinion. I told Mike that he can still go as long as he gets me set up in bed with all the yummy snacks I might possible need...

In non IF related news, tomorrow Mike and I will be walking in a 5K to support finding a cure for Autism along with my sister, brother-in-law, and adorable nephew. I'm looking forward to being out there and supporting them because they are awesome parents that would do anything for their child and I hope that one day I can be as good of a parent to my children.

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