Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Staring Over Again

In the world of IF, you hear people talk about their WTF appointment. I'm pretty sure you know what WTF means. This is typically an appointment you have after a failed cycle to discuss what went wrong or could have been a reason it didn't work. You may also discuss any changes in your next protocol. I didn't have a WTF appointment, per se. As I previously mentioned, Dr. Lee called me and we talked over the phone after I found out I wasn't pregnant so I kinda consider that to be my WTF appointment.

I had my baseline ultrasound today and it was filled with mixed emotions. I was happy to be there because it was a sign that we are moving forward and of course I was filled with hope that this time will have different (and happier) end results. But at the same time it was pretty disheartening to be there. As I sat on the table waiting for Dr. Lee to come in I couldn't help but look at all the posters on the wall that show ultrasounds of different stages of development and think "I thought that would be me by now". Honestly, the last time I was in that room I really thought I would be pregnant the next time i came into the office. I'm definitely feeling a bit more apprehensive this time around because I've had a negative result and I know that can happen again, so I guess I don't have that blind optimism anymore. 

Enough dwelling on the sad stuff. I am staying positive for the most part. Dr. Lee really does feel that we have a very strong chance of it working this time. Of course there is always a chance that it won't, but he said that odds are really in my favor that at least one embryo will implant this time. So we are moving forward and plan to transfer two embryos again this time. I start taking Dexamethasone, Baby Aspirin, and Prenatals tonight and will add in Delestrogen injections tomorrow. As long as my lining thickens up accordingly we are aiming for a transfer in two to three weeks. I'll keep you posted.

But now I must run to start preparing dinner. I found a recipe on Pinterest (I'm obsessed) for Coconut-Lime Chicken Breasts with Spicy Thai Noodles that I am going to try out tonight! Yum!! 

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