Friday, October 26, 2012

Snuggle In Little Embies :)

I am officially PUPO again! Yup, today was THE day. I would have posted sooner today but unfortunately we woke up this morning to a city wide power outage that lasted into the evening and of course the laptop wasn't charged. ANYWAYS...

So the morning started out with a wonderful drug called Valium that is supposed to calm my muscles to help with the transfer. The only thing I remember about it from last time was that it made me feel really happy and like I didn't have a care in the world. This time, though, it made me feel tired and really lethargic.

Before I knew it we were off to the surgery center. I definitely had mixed emotions as we drove there but like I said in my post last night, I am going to be cautiously excited this time. So I tried to let the Valium kick in and relax. Once Mike and I got there I used the restroom one last time before getting undressed from the waist down. They had a funny sperm shaped piggy bank in the restroom that I couldn't resist snapping a pic of!

Once Dr. Lee finally came in we were so anxious and ready for the transfer. We found out that both embryos had survived the thawing process so we signed for acknowledging that by transferring two we have higher odds of multiples, obviously. 

The transfer itself went smoothly. In fact, Dr. Lee said it went even better then the last time. He told us that while the last transfer was still considered ideal, I guess my uterus actually contracted while he was doing it last time which cause the embryos to go in slightly deeper then he had wanted. This time, however, they stayed exactly where he wanted them to be so I'm hoping that's a good sign.

So those are our two little embies!! So precious to think they might be our babies! The final picture is a printout of the ultrasound of my uterus after they transferred the embies. You can see the dark shadow like line that goes straight down from the center. That is the shadow that the embryos are creating. Right above the shadow you can just see a little white dash - those are our embies :)

Well, that's it for now. I am going to be on bed rest for the rest of the night and all tomorrow. I'm sure I'll be going stir crazy tomorrow and will find something to post about...

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  1. This is so very cool!! The pictures of the embies is amazing! Rest up so those embies can snuggle in :-)