Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 1 Post Transfer

It's now been just over 24 hours since we had our embryo transfer. I'm not really feeling anything (which I wouldn't expect to be feeling at this point) other then a little bloating and extreme gas. I vaguely recall the gassiness from last time but it is definitely bad this time around! I'm not looking forward to the bloating. I remember by the time I got to my beta test my jeans weren't buttoning...

In other news, I forgot to mention some interesting things I learned from Dr. Lee yesterday. I asked him why I wasn't required to have a full bladder during the transfer like I have read a lot of women are required to do. Dr. Lee said that having a full bladder serves two purposes. First, if your cervix isn't completely straight it can make the transfer more difficult. Apparently having a full bladder helps straighten out the cervix. Additionally, some REs use an external ultrasound (the traditional belly type) to guide the catheter during the transfer so they need a full bladder to get the best image. Dr. Lee, however, uses the internal ultrasound because he feels that a full bladder only causes the woman to be in discomfort which can cause unnecessary stress. It was just nice to hear his explanation because I remember wondering why I didn't need a full bladder last time when all the women I talk to on TB mention having a full bladder. I even asked in a post once and the general answer was that it is only required if the RE is using an ultrasound to guide them. That obviously left me even more confused since Dr. Lee did use an ultrasound. I just didn't realize that some REs were doing the external ultrasound. Anyways, it just gave me a little piece of mind and reassured me that I should trust in my doctor.

At this point I am itching to be off of bed rest. Of course I enjoy being waited on by Mike but I want to be up and about again. My back is killing me from laying in bed and on the couch all day. Plus, I'm really looking forward to going to the Apple Farm tomorrow. Mike and I are going with his parents and my parents to a place called Oak Glen. I found it online by chance and discovered that it has a whole bunch of apple orchards open to the public for picking. They also have berries and pumpkins for picking, as well as fun activities like hayrides and apple cider pressing. My goal is to pick so many apples that I can make apple pie, apple butter, etc... Our house is going to be filled with apples galore! I'll be sure to post a bunch of pics once we get back tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

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