Saturday, October 20, 2012

I Have A Schedule!

Today I had my final monitoring appointment before our second FET which is exactly a week from today. My mom came with me to my appointment for the first time so she got to meet all the super nice nurses and of course, Dr. Lee.

On today's agenda for the appointment was blood work, lots of paperwork, and the usual vag cam ultrasound. The ultrasound confirmed that my ovaries are clear of any cysts (which was expected but still needs to be confirmed) and my uterine lining is a good triple layer at a measurement of 10 - Dr. Lee said it is perfect! So that means I am good to go for our transfer next Friday, October 26th.

Just as I did last time, I received my official schedule detailing all the medicines I will be taking over the course of the next week to prepare my body for the embryo transfer. Here is a break down for you:

Daily: I am to continue taking a Prenatal Vitamin, Baby Aspirin, and Dexamethasone at night. I will also continue to take .4mL Delestrogen injection every 3rd night.

Saturday (10/20): Inject .5mL hCG

Sunday (10/21): Begin injecting 1mL Progesterone nightly

Monday (10/22): Begin using Crinone gel transvaginally (yuck) every morning

Wednesday (10/24): Inject .1mL hCG

Thursday (10/25): Take last Dexamethasone. Begin taking Doxycycline twice daily and Methylprednisolone nightly for 4 days.

Friday (10/26 - Transfer Day): Take 10mg Valium 1 hour prior to transfer. Begin 48 hour bed rest once I get home from procedure.

Saturday (10/27): Inject .1mL hCG

Tuesday (10/30): Inject .1mL hCG

I will be going in for my beta blood test to determine if I am pregnant or not on Wednesday, November 7th. I still haven't decided yet if I am going to hold out on taking a home pregnancy test like I did last time. I am sure that will be the topic of many of my future posts...

If, by some miracle, I do get pregnant from this transfer my estimated due date will be July 14th, 2013!!

So that's it for now. I guess all I can do now is wait and pray that it works this time. I really want to believe my doctor when he tells me that the odds are in my favor this time but after getting the negative results last time I just don't know how to feel. I am optimistic but every now and then the negative thoughts start to creep up. At least the good news is that I have been through the worst possible outcome before so I know that I will survive it again if it comes to that and will push forward as I did this last time. 

That's it for now. Good night!

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  1. I'm pulling for you! I hope this is it and you get your take home baby in July!